MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 71

MADEUS I have learned so many valuable lessons while running November Media, and if I had to write a letter to the younger, less experienced, Tiheasha during her first year of business, there would be five pivotal lessons I would share with her. CREATE POLICIES AND PROCEDURES DO NOT neglect this step when building your business or you will watch your company fall to the ground, one angry customer, or bad business deal at a time. Putting together a list of procedures for customer service, returns, shipping, acquisitions, business to business partnerships, and daily operations are non- negotiable. This will protect both you and the other party, and it will save you time, money and resources in the end. Also having policies and procedures in place will help keep you on track with the goals and objectives of your company. INVEST IN YOUR VISION BEFORE YOU BUILD IT! “You cannot follow a vision, that you do not see!” Tiheasha Beasley Research is a very important part of your business plan. Do as much research on your industry before you open the doors to customers or clients. Though we hear time after time that experience is the best teacher, my experience as a three- year entrepreneur says, “Save yourself some headaches!” Every industry has conferences that you can attend, an association that you can join, and industry experts that you can learn from. If you spend time at the beginning of your journey developing and sharpening your “Switch your perception skills, your customers will appreciate from just setting goals to help you succeed momentar- you, you will feel more confident doing your day to day task, and you will prove ily, to set goals that will help you thrive continuous- to yourself and others that you take your business serious. ly!” Tiheasha Beasley STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE DO NOT compare yourself to anyone else. Run your own race and stay in your own lane. In fact, use stories of triumph and victory from fellow entrepreneurs to be inspired, encouraged, and empowered. The lane that was created for you has a specific destination with specific clients and customers. Find true confidence in your ability to perfect your craft and Grow In Grace! PROTECT YOUR PEACE On day one, make sure to set boundaries! Like policies and procedures, include business hours and invest in a business phone line. Your peace of mind and personal life will thank you later! CONSIDER THE FUTURE Your business will consistently evolve. You will consistently evolve. So be intentional with every move that you make, every business to business relationship that you develop, every event that you host, and every project that you take on. Do not invest one ounce of time, energy, or finances into a project, relationship, or customer that is not a part of the bigger plan for your company. It can be very tempting to “work” for the moment, but thoughtfully consider each move, because the future of your company depends on it. #mademaven 71