MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 69

MADEUS How do you maintain normalcy in your life? I know I definitely don’t have it all together, and when someone truly does, please feel free to share the secret. For me, to have it all, comes with sacrifice. Something has to give in order to make more room. I make sure I know what my priorities are and stay grounded by being deeply rooted in God’s Word. There are so many things life throws at us, so many opportunities, distractions that seem good, but may not be what’s best. It’s important for me to go to God, rather than getting lost in the world of social media. Learning to create a healthy balance of knowing when to take a step back, and reevaluate my mental, emotional, and spiritual state. I’ve been having to learn how to listen to my body and know when to stop and take a break whether from my business or social media. Detoxes are necessary as well as vital when one begins to neglect the important things. You post very uplifting and encouraging content for your followers. Who pours into when you need it? How do you practice self-care? How often do you take time to unplug? I have a whole community that God has blessed me with who not only pour back into me, but speak so much truth even when I don’t want to hear it. They keep me grounded and ask me tough questions that make me reevaluate my whole life. They are so good at checking in and making sure I am taking care of myself and not draining myself for everyone else. Self care for me looks like writing out everything I am feeling that day whether good or bad. It helps me to collect my thoughts. Journaling has helped me so much. Spending time by myself out in nature where God speaks to me most helps me refuel and fill my cup back up. I take a lot of time unplugging. My husband and I do college ministry so our home stays full of students. Most of my time is given to them and my family that social media gets the back burner in my life. I try to plan accordingly so I can stay active on my platforms, but it’s not life or death for me. What’s something that your followers would be surprised to know about you? Something that my followers would be surprised to know about me would be my love for country life. If I could, I would move to the middle of nowhere and live in a tiny log cabin. My husband wouldn’t because he hates bugs (laughs), but I would be content having chickens, farm animals and enjoying the peacefulness and joys of a slower pace environment. What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a digital influencer? What do they need to consider first? The first and foremost thing I would encourage someone who wants to become a digital influencer would be this, figure out your passion and your “why” behind your platform. Please don’t compromise your values and faith for validation from others. Know who you are and whose you are before you decide to create a platform. It’s easy to get lost in this unrealistic social media world if you're not careful. Be brave enough to say no and create boundaries and stick to them! Don’t feel bad for taking care of you and your mental health. PHOTOS COURTESY of Sopha Rush #mademaven 69