MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 68

MADEUS When it comes to being overwhelmed, I’ve had my fair share. Over these past year, I’ve learned how to create healthy boundaries and not feel guilty when I can’t get to every DM, comment, or email. I’ve learned when social media starts to become overwhelming, that it’s time to get off and get in God’s word. Limiting how much time I spend on social media, create less time for distractions when trying to focus on my own goals. I’ve noticed for some individuals with a large following, it can be hard for those closet to you to adjust to the “fame” that comes with being an influencer. How comfortable are your family and friends with your life as an influencer?I love getting to explain to them the cool opportunities and friendships I’ve gained from being on social media. Some can’t grasp it, others find it interesting. The one thing I can say though, they don’t treat us any differently. And for the most part, we don’t even discuss it unless they ask. It’s been such an honor getting to have the community we do and having their lives be impacted by the words we share. The support and love keep us going especially when family and friends tell us how proud they are of us. How has your life changed since becoming a mother? How has that affected you and your work as an influencer? Motherhood has been such a beautiful experience. The bond between a child and mother is special. I couldn’t even imagine my life any different. My love for my first born makes my heart so full. God’s goodness shines through my son, and it’s a daily reminder that my Father in Heaven loves me just as much. Being a mother also created in me a better version of myself. I am stronger, more powerful, and confident in who I am, because my little tiny human has shown me just that. As a new mommy & influencer, it has its days when it comes to getting work done. Some days I have felt guilty for working, but writing keeps me sane. It’s so important that I don’t put so much pressure on myself to get things done right away and stress myself out. I’ve been taking each day by every moment. My to do list stays long, but it’s important that I listen to my body and know when to slow down and take breaks to be present and focus on my family. To turn off my computer, my phone, and give my undivided time to what matters most. You’re pretty open with your followers about the things you go through and lessons you’re learning. What boundaries do you have in place when it comes to what you’re willing to share on social media? Transparency and vulnerability is what drives me to share. I knew I wanted a platform with purpose, a place where we can uncover our wounds and address our past. To speak for those who do not have a voice and let them know they matter. I share things I grow through as well because not only is it healing for me, it’s also liberating. When it comes to boundaries, I discern within myself whether it’s the right time to share. I would never share something my husband wouldn’t appreciate me sharing. If I am going through something right at this moment, I normally wouldn’t share. I let God reveal to me what he’s trying to teach me before I open up for people’s thoughts and opinions on social media. | 68