MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 62

MADEUS In your opinion, what’s the biggest misconception about being an influencer? What are some things that most aspiring influencers don’t consider? I think the biggest misconception is the fact that many aspiring influencers believe success is built overnight. Many times, the people you follow spent a lot of time and hard work to get to where they are today. It’s important to remember how much work it takes for influencers to post one YouTube video or sponsored post. Creating quality content takes time. Is it really as glamourous as it seems? To think two years later, after so many posts, I’d be flown out to events or sent PR packages from major brands is INSANE. Sometimes I feel so undeserving of these amazing opportunities. But of course, there are real moments of times where you feel like you’re not working hard enough or feel like you’re comparing yourself to others. But many times, I quickly stop criticizing and remind myself to live in the moment! Have you ever wanted to walk away from being an influencer? Never! The amazing followers I have are the reasons why I do what I do. They inspire me to keep growing and share my thoughts and knowledge. It’s crazy how none of this would be possible without them and I am forever thankful. I always make sure the product matches my brand and that it works for me. Followers are easily able to detect if an influencer is simply promoting a product just for the money and not to inform their influencers. So it’s important that I remain honest when deciding what products or brands to endorse. When you agree to a campaign, how does it work? Do you decide the content or do they? Once everything is agreed upon, usually the company/brand already has a vision or a theme for that certain campaign. More than likely, the company also encourages the influencer to incorporate their ideas and creativity into the project as well. Have you ever turned down an opportunity because it didn’t align with your values? No, not really. But I have declined to work with companies/products that personally don’t work for me (etc. hair/skin products, clothing brands). @hermela How easy/difficult is it for you to separate real life from your life on social media? For me, it’s always been easy to separate myself from social media and to be present in my life. Social media can easily trap your thoughts to think and feel a certain way and I avoid this by following only influencers and friends that promote positive and healthy content. How do you decide what products to/ brands you’re going to endorse? Before accepting to work with a company, PHOTOS COURTESY of Hermela | 62