MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 60

MADEUS conservative trials and errors, I started reaching out to micro influencers for help, I introduced myself and told them about my vision some bought into it and some were very nasty about it. In the whole process, I kept learning. I got a few “Yes” out of a hundred Nos, but it was worth it . WERE YOU SURPRISED BY THE OVERWHELMING SUPPORT OF JUVIA’S? Oh, My Goodness. Yes!! I m still humbled by the support. I never take it for granted. HOW WERE YOU ABLE TO KEEP UP WITH DEMAND IN THE BEGINNING? Hard work, dedication and diligence. I m a very hard worker. I love what I do, so it only makes sense to ensure our customers are always satisfied. It’s very important to be honest to your customers. We keep them updated with our business process and make them feel very involved in the development process. Seek help when you need help and hire the right people wisely. Delegating responsibilities to the right people is a skill set I still struggle with but has helped me tremendously. Know your employee strengths and allow them shine. WHAT ROLE HAS SOCIAL MEDIA PLAYED IN JUVIA’S SUCCESS? Social media is key. Social media is very powerful and an essential tool for every business in our modern day. It’s been very instrumental to Juvia’s Place growth and continued growth and success. Now business owners and potential business owners can engage with their customers directly with no middle men. Everyday people with little business background can learn and adapt to their niche. Advertising and Marketing has become more accessible, more affordable and impossible missions have become possible through the help of social media. You don’t need $1M Advertising fund to make traction on social media. Uniqueness, Innovation and staying true to yourself are key factors to making a brand stand out. YOUR LINE IS NOW IN ULTA’S. HOW DID THAT COME ABOUT? WAS THERE ANY PRESSURE TO MAKE ANY CHANGES TO YOUR COSMETIC LINE? Yes! We’re now in 500 Ulta beauty locations nationwide. We’re so excited about this launch. Ulta reached out to Juvia’s Place, they invited me to their headquarters. I was personally moved by how much they believed in the brand and were willing to give us a chance. I haven’t encountered any pressure from them. They are letting us be our authentic self and they love how inclusive Juvia’s Place is. We’re very appreciative of that. WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO WOMEN WHO ARE HESITANT TO TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH AND START THEIR OWN BUSINESS? My advice to them will be, “Just Do it.” My second piece of advice for those scared to fail will be, the “Nos” make you stronger. I received a countless number of Nos that were discouraging but I had faith and just kept moving. The Nos make you learn faster. You adjust and bounce back stronger. My last advice will be to surround yourself with positivity. Hang out with those that believe in your dream just as much as you do and vice versa. | 60