MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 55

MADEUS Opportunties ca r v i n g o ut yo u r MADE BY B. BAD As an entrepreneur, you have the freedom to create your own lane and to chart territories that have never or have rarely been charted before. While across industries, the physical steps that we need to take in order to carve out opportunities differ. There are a few things that remain constant across the board that allow for you to not only create your own lane, but to also maneuver with intention. So while I can’t give you a tailored step by step plan, I’ll be acting as a catalyst, by giving you what you must consider and understand along the way. Understanding Your Mission Given this freedom that we have to create our own opportunities, we would be remiss to have them not be in alignment with our higher purpose. I like to consider purpose as your reason for being, and your why. At the root, and center of everything that you do, your purpose should exist. Before even carving out your own opportunities, you need to get tight on what your actual purpose and mission is so that it can help you to order your steps. With purpose being your why, your mission, is the union of your purpose and passion, turning them into a unified action. After understanding what you purpose is, spend some time thinking about what talents you possess that could be the vehicle to bring your mission to life. There is usually some synergy between the two within your life. #mademaven 55