MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 5

publisher’s note to be cultivated and nourished in order to grow. T he one thing I love about the Fall season (in addition to the fashion) is the visual reminder that change is coming by watching the colors transform on the falling leaves. Each year, I use the third quarter to review the areas of growth of the past year and to align closer to the greater purpose God has for my life for the upcoming one. The seasons of nature are the constant patterns of life that we all can trust will never change. Since the beginning of time, nature has assured us there will always be a Fall to harvest, a Winter to hibernate, a Spring bloom and a Summer to sow — each absolutely necessary in the process for the seeds we plant to grow and prosper. Our seeds come in the form of our talents and our resources that desperately need And like the seasons of nature, there are specific times in life that transition you from a small seed, rooted in fertile soil, to a beautiful flower blossoming in due time. The realities that some seasons bring may cause you to question the purpose of nature’s harsh storms and prolonged droughts. But as you know, without dry places you can’t appreciate the rain. And without rain, you can’t witness a rainbow. The most precious gifts result from hardship and the best opportunities are obtained through struggle. On your journey to success, tumultuous storms may be mistaken for curses that can impulsively cause you to pivot or reposition. Discerning when to weather the storm or to jump ship can only be identified by tapping into a Source whose plan for your life is greater than what meets the eye. #mademaven Whether you are enjoying the fruits of your labor or surviving an extreme drought, the good news is that wherever you are is whatever you make it. You can choose to multiply your fruit while it’s “in season” or allow it to spoil. You can decide to allow a famine to set you back or use the time to prepare for your next phase of abundance. How you handle your season is your choice. And, although you cannot change the season, you can change your attitude about how you feel about it. There’s beauty in every season for its own unique reasons. This MADE Maven issue is packed with the stories of successful women in every season of life and career. I hope this issue inspires you to embrace your season and the lesson it brings to shape you for a stronger version of you. Cheers, Kris Christian 5