MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 49

MADEFEATURE more than it appears. “Anybody can stand there and look cute and hold the mic and say ‘So, tell me what you’re wearing today.’ Let’s get past what you’re wearing and really dive into a conversation that’s going to be engaging, interesting and be different from what everyone else is discussing at the same place and at the same time,” explains Walker. “While [hosting] wasn’t something that I aimed to do, it ended up being a seamless transition and a natural progression in my career and has really empowered me to do so much more.” People are drawn to the realness. We are not per- fect and we don’t have it all together and when you let go of that, it’s liber- ating. Just be yourself at whatever costs. If you follow Walker on social media, you know she’s #BookedBusyBlessed, but she’s always intentional about taking time to recharge and indulging in self-care. “It’s waking up and praying or going to go work out or just sitting on the phone talking with my girlfriends. It’s also realizing that there’s power in no. If I don’t get through this list today, it’s going to be there tomorrow. The world will be ok.” Even with her robust schedule, Walker does not plan on slowing down anytime soon. “I’d love to be bicoastal, so I would love to do some things going back and forth from New York and LA. People ask me, ‘What’s your five-year plan?’ I say, ‘Listen, I can have a five- year plan all I want, but when Jesus says yes, can’t nobody say no’. It’s like you’ll tell God your plan and He’ll laugh at you. I’m always open to what God has for me because the things that He’s done, I would have never ever imagined would have come along.” It really is possible for us all to live our best and authentic lives and Kéla Walker shares her secrets for living life to the fullest: “DON’T NITPICK YOUR DREAMS because in doing that, you tend to procrastinate and when you procrastinate you get paralyzed and nothing happens. And so when you nitpick and you’re waiting for idealism and perfectionism, nothing comes about. So don’t nitpick them, just do them. We hear the cliché ass saying, "Just do it"—just do it and learn in the process.” “DON’T BE CONCERNED WITH WHAT OTHERS ARE DOING. And the pressure of society. Just focus on yourself and what you want to do. Oprah said when you’re in a horserace, the horse has those blinders on. His peripherals don’t even exist. He is focused on the road ahead. And it’s the same thing with your dreams and goals with your life. Focus on your path and what you want to do and where you want to go.” “DO GOOD WORK. Don’t be so consumed with getting to that next level, next stage without making sure that you’ve done the work in the place that you are. Because in doing good work in where you are, you will naturally progress to the next level and that next stage. So I encourage people to really take time on the work that they do so that when they their signature on it, its done by them and can't be easily done by someone else. And that’s when it comes recognizable and that’s how you progress and grow." #mademaven 49