MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 48

MADEXXX Live A Life You’ll Love Offline with Kéla Walker MADE BY ASHLEY WHITE the camera will be positioned, how long the piece would be and even finding the subjects for that series,” shares Walker. “Catalyst is a show that aired on NYC Life and it really highlighted dope individuals doing amazing things for their community. Walker notes that Catalyst is one of the projects she’s really proud of and not because of the recognition it received. “It opened my eyes to my skillset and what I was capable of. From A to Z, I did that.” Her storytelling skills don’t go unnoticed. Walker has been nominated for Emmy Awards multiple times. “The work I was nominated for was a series called Catalyst, which I created from initializing the idea, coming up with the concept, coming up with the look and the feel of the series, how the lighting would look, how Walker had no plans on being in front of the camera, but after the suggestions of others, she gave TV hosting a try and found that she loved it. “It kind of fell in my lap, and I always say that’s a testament to God’s plan being so much bigger than your own.” Hosting came naturally to Walker and she is completely self-taught. After watching other hosts, taking notes and critiquing herself, she learned that hosting is so much In today’s society, it’s not that hard to look as though you have a fabulous life. With the right angles, filters and outfit, you too can portray a life that most will admire. Kéla Walker is one of those people who really is living their best life on and offline. Behind the fashion forward photos, Walker is a working woman whose day to day routine never looks the same. Whether she’s working with various brands on a project, hosting an event or working behind the scenes as a producer, she wears many hats— literally and figuratively. “The titles always sound great, right? TV host, producer—those are really lofty titles, but essentially for me, I like to simply call myself a storyteller,” says Walker. | 48