MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 44

MADELIFE MADEXXX LAUREN ST. WILLIAMS Life & Style Blogger @lauren.lux WHEN YOU HAVE TO FIGURE OUT YOUR NEXT MOVE...E Remove distractions . If you are unsure of what is ahead or where you are going, eliminate outside noise. Focus on what you know about where you want to be. Be very clear on WHO you are. Less distraction will allow you to have a clear head and open to discovering your next step. Even if the path is unclear. Just continue to take baby steps. The journey ahead will begin to reveal itself but not if you are stagnant. When you’re not clear on what your next move is, learn to know and hear the still small voice inside. Your intuition. Trust Keep moving. yourself enough to know that you’re are heading in the right direction. Review your goals DAILY and double check that any baby steps you take are in line with them. Self-care. Take advantage of this time and learn to appreciate the in-between. It can be a beautiful journey of self-discovery and re-charging. While you're moving forward one foot at a time, take each day and spend time taking care of yourself. Your next move may be a POWER MOVE. Which may require more of you than you ever imagined. So enjoy the down time, rest up and fuel your mind. The best way to propel forward Gain knowledge . | 44 is to equip yourself with knowledge and practice new skills. Research and find books that align with your goals and areas in your life where you know you can improve. You don’t need to spend your entire rent check on a seminar or workshop of some kind, unless you know for sure it will clearly show you your next step. While you’re still figuring it out, use books and online resources to help guide you. There is an unlimited amount of valuable tools you can add to your toolkit that won’t break the bank. Get your mind right . Spend time alone, pray and meditate. If you’ve already taken the first step and removed distractions, you’re already on your way to this step. Schedule time to do this in the mornings before you start your day. Your future self with thank you.