MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 43

MADELIFE KYSHIRA MOFFETT Brand Strategist & Blogger @kyshira WHEN YOUR SALES ARE DECLINING… Every business has ebbs and flows in their sales. Some seasons produce above normal results. And others...feel more like drought. If you notice your sales are declining, don’t give up hope! Leverage these techniques to get your revenue and profits back on solid ground! Affiliate Marketing Create a referral program to reward your loyal customers for spreading the word about your business. Make it easy for them to promote you by creating promotional graphics, developing custom discount codes and providing them with sales copy they can use. If you can afford it, affiliate software such as Tapfiliate or Lead Dyno. Attract Email Subscribers With a Freebie The money is in the email list! Build your list by offering a new incentive for non- subscribers. In order to get your audience to join your email list, you have to offer them something. Unfortunately, no one cares enough about our newsletters to just sign up for that. You must create what’s called an opt-in. This is typically a freebie of sorts that relates to your business and entices your audience. Examples of opt-in’s include: • Worksheet • Checklist • Infographic • Workbook • E-Book • Audio/Video Training or Training Series • How-To Guide • Email Challenge • Webinar • Quiz Results • Wallpaper • Discount Codes Bonus points if you create a tripwire (i.e. instant offer) that they’ll see after subscribing. Email your subscribers frequently about what you have to offer after they sign up to drive sales. Leverage Video and Live Stream Video has begun to take over our timelines everywhere. It doesn’t take long to stumble across a video when scrolling through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Larger brands are beginning to invest more money in video advertisements as well as partner with influencers who can create engaging microcontent. Small businesses owners and bloggers can also maximize video to take their brands to the next level. Whether you’re a coach, product owner or beauty blogger, video can help you to reach broader audiences and build your visibility. You can leverage video to showcase your product, demonstrate its feature, pitch your services and more! #mademaven 43