MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 42

MADELIFE CAPRICE O’BRYANT GUTIERREZ Owner of Excuse Free Fitness @coachcaprice WHEN YOUR COMEBACK SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE… Find Your Inner Crazy. It takes a significant level of crazy to keep pressing towards a goal when almost everything is pushing you in the opposite direction. You have to develop a crazy belief in yourself. You have to believe that even though things aren’t working right now, they will soon. Once you get crazy you can get to work! When you’re on a hike and reach a muddy path you don’t just turn around and go home, you get dirty. Many are so close to their next level but quit too soon because their process isn’t pretty. I’ve walked right up to many mountains in life and when I saw they wouldn’t move I started climbing: because I’m crazy. Crazy enough to believe that the journey can’t end like this. Crazy enough to not focus on what it looks like now. To climb out of a difficult season you must get focused and determined, not worried and edgy. When you’re on edge and worried you can’t think of a master plan. When you’re focused you start to retrace your steps. You gain enough clarity to see what lead to your current season. You can’t comeback if you don’t come to an understanding of what you’re coming back from. So when you’re focused you’re able to strategize with integrity. You only operate in desperation when you’re worried. I’m positive you can think back on your life where you just knew something was impossible and you still did it. Deeming something impossible happens in your mind. Those thoughts create words and your words have just finalized your defeat. Get crazy and get out of your own way. It’s not impossible. Your comeback is already happening. | 42