MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 39

MADELIFE Needless to say, I’ve never been so happy to lose. So, ask yourself: Is this a closed window getting you ready for an open door? Could this “no” be part of a bigger, better plan? Step 2: Regroup. AUDRINA BIGOS News Reporter, CBS Chicago @audrina_ontv WHEN THINGS DON’T GO AS PLANNED… Step 1: Reflect Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it’s not what went wrong. In hindsight, it’s actually what went right. In 2008, I walked off a stage in Miami, FL devastated when I lost a Miss America preliminary pageant. Little did I know – there was something better just around the corner. If I had won the crown, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to move to Washington D.C. months later when I was accepted into Georgetown University and offered my first internship. KEISHA MABRY Author of Hey Friend: 100 Ways To Connect with 100 People In 100 Days | @keishamabry WHEN IT'S TIME TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS... Build your friendwork before you need it and they will be there when needed. I live by the motto “always be friendworking.” Meaning, every day I strive to connect with someone new or reconnect with someone old. Friends add happiness to our lives and they also come through when things go left not right. So…build your friendwork before you need it and they will be there when needed. Seek new tribes during transitional times. Life happens and when life happens you may need new friends. New friends and new support systems. New you, new goal, My late pastor used to say “I will not quit, therefore I cannot be defeated.” It’s a good reminder about relentless optimism and refocused energy. As you work to regroup from this setback, talk to people who you trust and respect. They can help you navigate your Plan B so you don’t get stuck. They can also help you figure out what you learned in the process and how to build from that. Remember to remain positive. Step 3: Rebound Get back to the drawing board. This can look differently for everyone. I tend to unplug and quiet the noise (like social media). This allows time for prayer, journaling and clarity. Contrary to the “grind” mentality, I think being still is beneficial in pivotal times like the one you may be in now. new grad, new role, new start-up, new state, new career, new mate. All of these transitions may require people in your circle that can understand them and that’s a-ok. So friends, if you are in a transition or simply leveling up, head on over to Facebook Groups or Meet-up and find a crew that understands you. If you’re giving more than you get, it’s time to make new friends. Last but not least, this tip isn’t always so easy peasy but if you are giving more than you get in any relationship—it’s time to make a shift. So whether it’s a new friend, an old friend, a borrowed friend or a blue friend, if you are giving more than you get on a consistent basis, you may want to make new friends. Simple as that. #mademaven 39