MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 38

MADELIFE CHRISTAL LUSTER Singer, Writer & Speaker @christalluster WHEN YOU WANT TO RE-INVENT YOURSELF... Establish your motives. In reinventing yourself, the goal is to change so much so that you appear to be completely different. That’s a huge commitment to make and it will require a solid motive. Choose something that will be able to withstand your daily mood-swings and excuses, the opinions of others, and all circumstantial hurdles. Powerful motives improve your health, make you better and not bitter, and put you in position to be a blessing to others. Write the vision. Studies show that we are 42% more likely to achieve our goals by writing them down. KRYSTAL FRANKLIN Sr. Producer of Digital & Social Media @ TV One @krysfranklintv WHEN IT’S TIME TO MOVE ON… Moving on is equal parts scary and liberating, but it’s also very necessary. It doesn’t matter what area in life you’re considering moving on from, know that it will be painful and uncomfortable but completely freeing. So when do you know it’s time to leave that guy, that job or that friend? When it no longer serves a purpose. Sure, that’s easier read than actually done. But, before you can move on you must be honest with yourself about what you actually want…out of that job, that guy, that friend. I’m a strong proponent of ANY relationship being mutually beneficial. I’ve let childhood friends go because It’s not enough to just think about it and imagine it. Skyscrapers don’t get built from pictures; blueprints have to be drawn up with exact measurements. Take the time to write down in detail who you want to be and what it takes to become that person. Do your research. Be adventurous but also realistic. Develop a budget and a schedule. Keep this written vision near you at all times and revisit it daily. Writing the vision reinforces the material in your mind and holds you accountable. Where your thoughts go, your body will follow. Embrace the process. Change takes time. Do not expect to be a totally different person overnight. There will be times you want to give up. Choose not to. There will be times you may stumble. Get back up. Celebrate the small victories. The day you reach your goal will be one amazing day, but the journey it took to get there will serve you a lifetime of valuable memories. Your reinvention will always have a greater impact if you’re able to recount the process and encourage the people who are trying to get where you are. they made more withdrawals than deposits. I’ve walked away from “the dream job” because I was unfulfilled, unsatisfied and underpaid. I’ve let sexuationships go because I was tired of only being the object of desire when I knew the sexiest parts of me were everything he didn’t see. But first I had to be honest. Committing your time and energy to a company that doesn’t value you or support the progress of your career is a hindrance. The same can be said about another person. If you have to justify why you’re still attached to him/her or it, it’s time. Starting anew isn’t easy. It can be exhausting and you will absolutely think twice about running back to where you feel the most comfortable or to what’s most convenient. But giving up is way harder than trying. Word to Professor Kanye West. | 38