MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 32

MADEFEATURE access to you. And a lot of us haven’t had that luxury because we didn’t have a block button. So the bridge was always open, even though they burned it. Now thanks to the block button the bridge is over. Baby, bye bye. And that has been very helpful to me just pre- serving the sanctity and the saneness of my space and really I work hard to I’ve been trying to be more consistent with meditating and getting my brain to be still even if its five minutes in a day. There’s always so much to look at. I mean look at this interview. I’m just walking down the street and I’m dis- tracted by so many different things and your brain is trying to manage that. You have to let it go to sleep, the same way you have to close your computer. Or else it’s going to overheat. Same thing with our intake. Also, this may sound cliché but I try to just chill. And not just mediate but really chill and take time to be in good company that’s not related to work or just go to a movie. MADE: What stood out to you the most on the Smart Funny and Black tour? real way and I don’t mean just blocking on social, I mean on my phone. Be- cause the reality is that fuckboys are an epidemic at this point and you have to protect your space at all costs. And once you identify that someone doesn’t care about your space or your time or your feelings, the safest thing is for you to prevent them from having any more Amanda: I think what stood out to me the most was that people were truly attached to this without having seeing it before. And it was because of the necessity and the urgency of us having this safe Black space and we just don’t have that and we need that and I’m not somebody who complains without offering solutions so in creating Smart, Funny and Black, I saw just on tour what I thought was just a fun show originally served as a grounder for peo- ple and a place of refuge for people and a site of jubilation. You just realize that its deeper and “Oh, we’re going to come here to laugh.” Nah, we’re coming to learn of course, but we’re also lived our best Black lives without judgment and a lot of us don’t get the opportunity to | 32