MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 31

MADEFEATURE MADE: With social media, everyone has a platform and you’re one of the emerging voices of our generation who isn’t afraid to state the facts and share your thoughts on a matter. In your opinion, what is a thought leader? Amanda: A thought leader is someone who through their own ideologies, in- spire folk to think beyond the confines of what’s presented to them on the surface and does so based on information and wisdom. MADE: Why do you think it’s im- portant for celebrities and/or influ- encers to use their creative platform as a voice on social issues? Amanda: I don’t think its necessarily about celebrities using their platforms to be a voice on social issues because not all celebrities know how to vocalize social issues. I do, however, think it is valuable for anybody in a position of great visibility use that to keep things visible that is often put under the radar that can be detrimental to us as a soci- ety. So if you know, “Yo, I don’t know much about this” but it’s something that people need to know about, use your platform to give voice to someone who does know about that. If you know that your passion is reproductive rights and this is something that needs to be verbalized out there but you don’t necessarily have all the information, you can at least provide people with the links to get the information. And you can say, "Here is where you can get more information about this." So I think what its really about is the simple fact that everybody has a platform and those with the biggest platforms, simply are assigned the age old rule, which is, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” MADE: Your discussion with Caitlyn Jenner went viral and gained wide- spread attention and it introduced a larger audience to who you are. How did that moment change your life? Amanda: People will know you as an actress or artist and they are attaching you to what you do in the artistic space, and that is dope in its own way. But to be able to be yourself and have folks be inspired simply by you doing what you would do if the cameras were off is its own dopeness. And so what it did for me was it allowed me to on a very grand scale showcase my fearlessness and my dedication to speaking honestly about the facts even in the face of peo- ple attempting to call it impoliteness. “…Everybody has a platform and those with the biggest platforms simply are assigned the age old rule which is, ‘With great power, comes great responsibility. MADE: A few weeks ago you talked about turning off the comments on Instagram because of all the ignorance that was coming your way. What other ways do you protect your space? How do you stay sane while being conscious about what’s happening? Amanda: I am so good at blocking folks, it’s a skill at this point. I feel like its one of those gifts that technology has given us in the last few years in a #mademaven 31