MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 29

MADEART Shawnee has a special connection with Sofar Sounds Chicago and other rising stars from Chicago. The Sofar Sounds Chicago Director, Will Cove, recently invited her to accompany him in an interview on WCIU’s The Jam, as one of their favorite artists to work with. She performed her new single “Lady” with the jazz band, Left Jones. lead on defining Shawnee Dez as a brand, builds relationships, and helps maintain Shawnee’s vision. Baby sister, Zani lends her creative forces to Shawnee’s writing and performances. And Sugar, who manages Shawnee’s schedule, keeps her grounded and is front and center at all of her shows -- it's only right. Of course, J'Arnay and Sugar were at the live broadcast with bells on. Even though Zani was away at college, In Shawnee’s own words, “I don’t come from a regular degular background. My tribe consists of magical beings who march [with me] a faithful path of divine intuition, power, and love. We spiritual! We beautiful!” Shawnee is the product of a real-life Wonder Woman, Arlene aka Sugar. As a mother, a friend, and momager, she has taught the J.A.M sisters "to stand for something, or you may fall for everything." They stand undeniably for each other. J’Arnay called her immediately after the broadcast and said, “our sister is going to be famous for her talents.” Zani replied, “ she already is.” It is only a matter of time before the world knows it too. Without Shawnee’s “Day Ones”, who knows how she could find the tenacity to pursue her dreams, especially in an over-saturated marketplace -- where everyone wants to be the next big thing. They provide her with a limitless amount of encouragement and operate as a well-oiled promotion machine. J’Arnay is her strategic business advisor — who initially took the It has been a prolific summer for Shawnee. She performed backup vocals at Lollapalooza with her high school bud, rapper Femdot. She also collaborated with another local talent, rapper Matt Muse on his latest project, Nappy Talk, singing the hook on smoove jam, ‘Shea Butter Baby’. Shawnee is making waves as a solo act, a vibey collaborator, and an all-around artist who is making inspiring musical contributions. FOLLOW SHAWNEE’S journey on social media at @Shawnee_Dez and visit her website to find out about her upcoming shows. #mademaven 29