MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 27

MADEART because I have a unique approach when creating and displaying my music. Simple because my music is easy to understand, vibe with, and comes directly from my heart. Encouraging because I try to always leave behind a positive after taste. No matter the topic, it is important for me to leave some sort of hope on the track so that listeners are not only inspired but that they find my music relatable to life's circumstances. B.LIN B.Lin @officialblin What does your music aim to say? CHICAGO RECENT PROJECT: I released my first EP entitled "What If" on all major music outlets in May 2018. B.Lin is a 25 year old Chicago native. As a proud alum of Dillard University, she has received her degree in Music and is passionately working toward her dream. Her musical background includes singing, songwriting, producing, rapping, and playing the piano. She has always been apart of Chicago music based programs that help cultivate her creative skill set such as "After School Matters" and "Art of Culture." Recently, B.Lin released her first EP entitled "What If" which can be found on all major music outlets and has released a few music videos that can be found on YouTube. What are three words to sum up your wave of music and why? Three words to sum up my wave of music would be Innovative, Simple and Encouraging. Innovative My music aims to say that you can be and do anything you want in life. My goal is to always inspire someone to go for their dreams, wait on the love they desire, and embrace every second of when those things come to pass. Music is very influential so I hope to always make listeners feel good when listening to my music. What keeps you going in times of uncertainty? What keeps me going in times of uncertainty is God and knowing that he gave me something special. I realized a large portion my purpose during my teenage years and when I'm feeling doubtful, I reflect on the performances and opportunities I've had to share my gift. Another thing that keeps me going is the amount of people I've met in life who are extremely talented, yet very doubtful. I hope that as I continue my journey, my story will inspire those who are imagining a better life for themselves to go for their dreams. Timing doesn't always go the way we want it to, but God is always on time when opening doors that can lead us to our destiny. #mademaven 27