MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 22

MADEART but I make sure to stay in constant communication with him and always make myself available to him when I have free time. I stay grounded by staying close to God and my family! I am nothing without them! MADE: What would your followers be surprised to know about you? Jess: That I am actually veryyyy spiritual. Everything I do revolves around faith and God! I would not be where I am without staying in constant prayer at all times. to be your biggest fan! You have to be able to laugh at yourself! We only live once, so why be so hard on myself! There's always going to be love and hate and I know that so I just be me! Being me has gotten me this far and I love when it inspires others to do the same. MADE: When did you feel as though you made it? If not, what does ‘Making It’ look like for you? Jess: I knew I made it when I was getting various offers, one especially was when Martin Lawrence himself reached out about me opening up for him in my hometown! That was really major for me as a comedian. I knew from there that it was my time! MADE: On the Breakfast Club, you said you take Jess With The Mess very seriously. How do you decide what stories you’re going to include? We’ve MADE: Has there noticed that people been anything that will call you out you’ve been surprised “Being me has when you don’t cover gotten me this to learn about the certain trending entertainment far and I love industry? stories. when it inspires Jess: That it’s all what Jess: I just take the stories that interest others to do the you put in! You have to me or even ones that be willing to sacrifice same.” other people are scared time and make sure to speak about! I try to always stay true to to have the conversation as if I'm yourself! It’s an easy world to get with my friends like straight from lost in if you don't remember why my point of view! Jess with the Mess you are in it. has definitely taken social media by storm and people literally want an MADE: What advice do you have everyday Jess with the Mess! So, with for female comedians who want to that I was able to stay in constant break into the industry? communication with my fans because Jess: Be you! There can never be a they want to have the conversation duplicate and it’s okay to know your everyday about entertainment news. worth. Someone else may have a different view for you, but trust your MADE: One of the things your instinct and go with what feels right! followers love about you is your ability to laugh at yourself and MADE: Aside from REL, what’s how transparent you are. Has next for you? that always been easy for you and Jess: Only God knows but for sure where do you draw the line on you’re going to keep seeing me on how much you share with your the big screens and I will always followers? keep the funny coming. ;) Jess: It’s easy because in life you have | 22