MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 21

MADEXXX MADEART Jessica ON THE RISE "JESS HILARIOUS" MOORE MADE BY ASHLEY WHITE PHOTO COURTESY of Jerrell Franklin “Good Morning, It’s Jess With The Mess and my news is real.” When you hear that phrase, you know seconds later you’ll be laughing at how Jessica “Jess Hilarious” Moore takes trending stories and presents them in a way that’s well, hilarious. We’ve watched her rise on Instagram and to see her star- ring in the new Fox Television comedy series REL makes us proud because we know she’s just getting started. Here, Jessica discusses her budding career and why her journey from social media to showbiz won’t change her one bit. MADE: From the outside looking in, it appears as though you became successful overnight. Can you explain how you used social media to leverage your career to the next level? Jess: I just knew that I was funny and was like, “Hey, let me make someone laugh.” Who knows what type of day they were having! Then came the followers. They felt I was funny and relatable and the rest was history... God's Plan. MADE: What have been the key factors in your success on social media? Jess: Staying persistent and relatable. I don't try to be something I'm not. Everything I talk about stems from a personal situation I have seen or been in. MADE: How has it been for you to go from writing/creating your own content to being on a scripted show? How much creative input do you have on your character on REL? Jess: The transition was actually pretty easy. I just came in as myself and followed direction of whatever the vibe was and it’s been such a great learning experience every day. I have a lot of creative input because my character Brittany is like any other homegirl that you can find in a group of friends. We are alike in some ways so playing her has been close to home. MADE: How easy or difficult has it been to adjust to your success? How do you stay true to yourself as you continue to elevate? How do you stay grounded? Jess: The easy part is just going with the flow and working hard. The hard part will ALWAYS be not being with my son daily. He is my everything and the time I spend apart from him is difficult, #mademaven 21