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MADEART among many others. The sisters have an extensive client list and manage to push out around 30 events per year. But the ride to their glamorous careers was no crystal stair. The Liberian-born refugees fled to Maryland with their family in the early 80s and faced grave challenges during their transition into the U.S. “Our work ethic comes from our family,” said Massah. “Just from watching our mother and father build their lives here, we’ve learned to persevere, plan well and work extremely hard in order to realize our dreams.” Despite tough times, Massah said her mother managed to make almost every occasion feel like a grand event due to her meticulous planning and budgeting skills. “Looking back on it, our mother really did indirectly inspire us in some ways to become event producers,” said Massah. “We didn’t really realize it when we were building our company, but she definitely sparked that interest.” that side of professional interest, so working with my sister was the perfect way to do that.” Spark is the optimal word when describing these electrifying sisters. Their success story is even more awe- inspiring when looking at their path to glory. But the partnership with the sisters didn’t come without its challenges. Before starting MVD Inc. Miatta Johnson was a financial reporter for Dow Jones and spent her time following money, literally. But after taking on a few projects as an amateur publicist/ event producer for her friends, she said she truly found her calling. “I knew that that space was where I wanted to be,” Miatta said. It’s safe to say that they’ve found their sweet spot and show no signs of slowing down. When asked what was next for MVD, Massah said they “plan to take the company global and produce events all over the world.” Miatta followed with, “She took my answer.” Massah later joined her sister in the business after she decided that her time working on the marketing side of a major record label wasn’t the right fit. Great minds think alike. “I have a big personality and am extremely creative,” Massah said. “I wanted to explore | “It wasn’t easy in the beginning because our work styles are very different,” Massah said. “My sister is very strategic and structured, which is great for the execution of our projects; I like to think outside of the box more.” 20 FIND OUT MORE ABOUT MVD INC