MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 13

MADETOLEAD FINDING MEANING IN Your Life & Career I MADE BY B. BAD n 2018, we finally have the courage and resources to create meaningful lives. Lives that are free and on our own terms. Therefore, many of us are bursting out of the box, society has tried to place of in, in pursuit of just that. As the spirit of 'quit my job' continues to overtake us, I’m going to explore ways in which you can find meaning in your life and career. Through discovering and living in alignment with your purpose. AN INITIAL ASSESSMENT The first thing to consider is where you are right now, in this moment. Become introspective, and consider your life in the context of these next few questions. Whose life are you living and why? Who’s career are you working, and why? When looking for deeper meaning, and higher purpose, it’s important to consider what elements of your life were merely assumed, or even assigned to you. For example, many people choose careers and lead lifestyles, based upon society’s standards of who they should be, and how they should live. The same sort of pressure and demand is also placed on us via our parents and families, friends and even social media. Whether it’s a ploy to fit into a box or to look a certain way. You must understand that in order to live your life in alignment with your own unique mission, you have to detach yourself from those expectations, and unsubscribe. FINDING YOUR PURPOSE Once unsubscribed, it can become easier to lean into the next step, which is actually finding your purpose. Consider your purpose as your reason for being. The reason you were placed on this earth, and the reason you are granted the ability to live each day. Your purpose is your why, and will eventually become the root, or lifeline to everything else that you do. The actual act of finding your purpose is one that is unique to each person. Unfortunately for many of us though, our purpose is found within our pain, or our trauma. Sometimes, it can take for one to be stripped to nothing, to truly be able to see what that is. Therefore, I can’t give you a step by step process for this, but I can give you some #mademaven 13