MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 11

MADETOLEAD Mind Your Business With MAHISHA DELLINGER MADE BY ASHLEY WHITE PHOTO COURTESY of OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network It's no secret that the amount of Black women entrepreneurs is steadily growing. Women like Mahisha Dellinger, founder and CEO of Curls are proof that you can start a business from the ground up and with time, patience and dedication, your business will flourish. After creating her own line of natural hair care products in an era when social media wasn't around, Mahisha did everything necessary to build brand awareness. Today, Curls is thriving as a multi- million natural hair care company. Now, in Mind Your Business with Mahisha, she is taking on a whole new challenge: She is helping other women entrepreneurs take their small businesses to the next level. In each standalone episode, Mahisha meets with struggling business owners who can't quite get out of their own way. With her guidance,inspiration and a little bit of tough love, Mahisha will test their passion while demanding that they give their all—just like she did—in order to reach their goals. Here, Mahisha provides the must- haves for women who aspire to have a flourishing business. AGILITY "You must remain agile, ready to adapt to quickly. Nimble businesses have the upper hand." GRIT "Pure genius and a well thought out business plan, alone, simply won't do. Courage, resolve and determination is key to lasting the long haul." EVOLVABILITY #mademaven 11