MADE Magazine Spring 2019 May 2019 - Page 8

MADETOLEAD MADEXXX Finding a local organization for women in your industry. You need to go where the people are. If you are like me and you can feel your anxiety rising just at the thought of it I encourage you to fight thru it. Online groups can be great but they are just that groups. I want you to have face to face interaction. You are choosing people who will have a grand impact on this next chapter in your life. I want you to feel energy, see if there is a vibe and that can only happen in person. Once you hand pick the members of your community and if you do it will wonder how did you get by without them. Other friends in your life will ask...Who is this new person you KEEP talking about. See we often have friends for years and sometimes they reflect where we were years ago.. This is my story with my crew of girlfriends who are all single and not parents. 5 years we were all standing on couches together taking shots. Or hopping on a plane to a music fest. That isn’t my current place in life. Right now I am more likely to see Paw Patrol live than Coachella. But this NEW community you are going to build they will reflect where. You are RIGHT now and the goals of where you WANT to be. So you have your players in place. You are motivated by their life. You have so much in common. How do you keep this going. The answer is to POUR into your community. You send along articles that you come across that reminded you of them. You recommend the perfect podcast. You buy 2 tickets for the next event and invite them as your guest. The funny thing about pouring into your community if that it doesn’t drain you. That might be the reason you are hesitant. You think “I don’t have time or energy to be part of something else”. But it is quite the opposite. When you pour into your community, it will pour into you giving you a new spark and energy. Like every relationship the honeymoon phase does in. It gets stale. How do you keep your community fresh. The key is to always shake it up. The motto #NoNewFriends does not work here. You constantly want to keep you mind and heart open to new people that will fit, add and benefit from your community. You will attract more of | 8 whatever energy you are putting out there: Love begets love, stress begets stress when you put out this new energy of community you will become a magnet. The right people will be drawn to you. In circles people will say..”I know the person you HAVE to meet” There will never be a drought of the right people to add to your community. Y’all those are my tips. I do truly believe if you create, pour into and keep our community fresh it will be a game changer. I am telling you not what i have read but what I KNOW. I am at 38, a mom, an entrepreneur and a community builder. I hope I have made Beyonce proud. When you pour into your community, it will pour into you giving you a new spark and energy.