MADE Magazine Spring 2019 May 2019 - Page 7

MADEXXX get a good job, become independent be a honey making money and then a Mama who profit dollars. Check check and check. That is how I entered my career in Retail management, then fashion and eventually the West Coast Sales Manager for a multi million dollar company. I was focused on me and mine. This often happened because I was often the “ONLY” in the room. The only woman of color at my company. I worked remotely so I was the ONLY person in my workspace. And being the ONLY made me feel lonely. But I put my head down and focused on my deliverables. When I became a Mom I as the only mother on my team. I went back to work after 6 weeks of a self funded maternity leave. Traveling on the road. Pumping during conference calls. All while suffering post partum anxiety and trying my best to not skip a beat and continuing to do a great job. *Spoiler Alert* I was laid off. The company brought all sales in house. My position was eliminated. My world was rocked. I was without a job and a new mom. In this moment I discovered what was missing in my life. A village. I didn’t have a village to lean on. So I created the most important start up of my life. My community. My advice to new mothers and new entrepreneurs is often the same. Create Community. The most important resource for this next stage in your life can not be purchased at a store, or order on Amazon (and you know I love me some Amazon Prime) it has to be built by YOU. It is your village, your community. If you build it correctly and pour into it THIS will give you a foundation that will never crack or let you down. Community is about the FEELING of fellowship. People who have commonalities. Similar goals. Similar struggles. Similar attitudes #mademaven We will talk about how to CREATE your community. POUR into your community and just like any relationship,....Keep it fresh. Creating your community is often the step that often intimidate people. How do I meet new people? For some of us we have had friends for YEARS how do you make new ones? Is there a tinder for this? Do I have to actually talk to people? Creating your community is about strategically finding the right people. Give you social and emotional support. To do this you have to put skin in the game. You have to commit to something. If it is registering and attending an event like this. Signing up for the parents resource group (or creating one if there isn’t one) at your workplace. 7