MADE Magazine Spring 2019 May 2019 - Page 63

C MADEFEATURE MADEXXX ari realized the power of her voice at a young age. “I was always pointing out what wasn’t right or what wasn’t fair or who was doing something wrong. The older I got, [my goal] was to give a voice to those who don’t have a voice, especially being a young Black girl growing up in a neighborhood where all the images of Black people weren’t positive. I thought there was a misrepresentation of our community, of what we look like and even though I was so young, I knew I wanted to take that representation and transform what people thought about us.” Be strategic when navigating a male- dominated industry “I navigate it very carefully, but sometimes I navigate it with force. I think you need both as a woman. You need to be careful, but you need to be a voice and be forceful. Navigating means knowing when to pick your battles and having that emotional intelligence to know when you’re outnumbered or your opinion won’t necessarily come across the way you want it to, picking and choosing those moments to jump in and use whatever leverage you have for your good as a woman.” Amazing things happen when women help each other. “I just wish there were more women who once they get to the top, don’t forget us. Don’t act like one of the boys because you’re not one of the boys. You’re there to show the boys that you need more women there. Those are the situations I wish I would have navigated differently as an on-air personality. I find ways to insert women in the forefront in my own way [while] being in front of the camera but I’m really big on telling all my mentees, ‘Make sure you’re changing and making policy. That’s the only real way women will ever have any equal footing in this world.’” Cari wants to help Brown Girls Dream. Cari Champion started Brown Girls Dream as a support system for young women of color with a strong emphasis on mentorship. The program helps aspiring multimedia professionals ages 18-25 by pairing them with multimedia veterans who are committed to helping them navigate the early stages of their career. Connect with MADE @mademagazineus #mademaven 63