MADE Magazine Spring 2019 May 2019 - Page 59

MADEFEATURE MADEXXX Allison Kugel: Is that how you are in relationships? Are you the kind of woman who likes to do everything for herself? Pam Grier: Oh, no. I'm a partner. Who- ever can do it for me, I'm game and I'm a listener. I love to listen. I am a researcher, but if you know more, then by all means share it. I don't have to do everything. But if it is life and death, I'm the person. At home, in all my fields, I have fire extinguish- ers because people flick their cigarettes out, and in a time of global warming fires are starting on the side of the road and burning up entire communities. Allison Kugel: They could have used you in California. Pam Grier: People have sprinklers on the inside of their homes. They should have them on the outside of their homes. Turn them on, wet down your property and leave. At least it will be so wet that the em- bers won't land on your house or around your house and burn it down. At the very least, it's a retardant. It will slow it down, if it won't completely stop it. I live in a forest and I am responsible for six animals. I'm responsible for not starting a fire and burning down everyone else's home and killing people. Aside from the comedy, that's also what our show is about. Having fun, enjoying and re- specting our naturally occurring resources. Allison Kugel: And having a sense of responsibility for the earth, our ecosystem, our land and other people. Pam Grier: People are fear-based because they have given up a lot of their own confi- dence and strength to other people. "Here, handle my politics, do my taxes, you take care of me." And then when other people mess up, they feel victimized by the person they gave their power over to. People don't even realize how much power they have. They have ac- quiesced; they've given it away. I'm around people here in Colorado (where Grier lives most of the year) who've never flown before. They've only seen black people on television. When they meet me, they go, "Oh, she's just like us." It's astonishing. I can't criticize them, but they are so glad to meet me and to know that everything's going to be alright, that I'm not gonna #mademaven 59