MADE Magazine Spring 2019 May 2019 - Page 53

MADEINC MADEXXX MORNINGS 5:30am: My alarm clock goes off. I hit snooze once, twice, maybe even three times depending on whether or not I had to wrestle with my toddler to go to bed the night before. 6:00am I love to set the tone of my day by starting the day in my prayer room, spending time in prayer and reading my daily devotionals. It’s what I like to call my fuel for the day. 7:00am: I like to eat a rice cake with almond butter and drink some water before I go in my basement to do an hour of cardio on the elliptical. 8:15am: After I freshen up, I check emails, social media and online orders while listening to the morning news. 9:30am My daughter (Macy) is awake and demanding breakfast so I prepare breakfast for my family. media content, phone calls, creating dinner menu etc. 3:00pm Dad is shipping orders off to the post office. 4:00: Is snack time/playtime with Macy 5:30pm I start preparing dinner. NIGHT 7:00pm Dinner is served 8:00pm I’m give Macy a quick bath, tuck her in bed and sing her lullabies til she falls asleep. 9:00pm I prepare for bedtime, say my prayers. 10:00pm LIGHTS OUT. GOODNIGHT! 11am-Noon: Dad and I take Macy to swim class. AFTERNOONS 12:30pm LUNCH TIME I usually prepare a lite lunch my family. 1:30pm I give Macy her post-swim bath 2:30pm NAP TIME. Nap time for Macy can last anywhere between 30min-2hours depending on the day so I really try to get as much done as possible. While Macy is napping I’m tackling things on my to-do list: from emails, brainstorming, creating social #mademaven 53