MADE Magazine Spring 2019 May 2019 - Page 47

MADEXXX Monique Rodriguez MADE BY MALIZ MAHOP Each time a woman shares her life’s journey–the challenges and triumphs, insecurities and setbacks, it heals and empowers another woman. Monique Rodriguez opens up about how a tragedy that pushed her into her purpose and allowed her to launch a successful hair care company, Mielle Organics. MADE caught up with Monique to discuss how she started Mielle Organics and the journey of turning her trials into triumph… M and evaluating why is that and how do we fix that. MADE: How do you combat that misconception? How can someone grow their hair if that’s what they desire? Monique: I think one of the most common misconcep- tions is that African Ameri- cans can’t grow long hair. It’s been instilled in us for centu- ries that we can’t grow healthy hair and instead of sitting back Monique: I would say that’s where the education part comes in. Number one, you have to understand how the body functions and know that your hair does grow, but when you continue to put chemicals and things in your hair—damaging items such as glue and not properly taking ADE: You started Mielle Organ- ics on a mission to educate women to have healthy hair on Instagram. What is one of the most common misconception about growing healthy hair? #mademaven care of your hair when have protective styles—that’s when your hair starts to break off. That’s when your hair starts to come out. That’s why I use my platform to continue to ed- ucate African Americans on how to properly take care of our hair. Not getting trims on a regular basis causes your hair to break and causes your ends to continue to split. Once you develop a good regimen— deep condition regularly, have a healthy diet and drink a lot of water regularly, your hair will grow. 47