MADE Magazine Spring 2019 May 2019 - Page 42

MADEXXX NEW BUSINESS OWNER'S RECIPE Fueling Yourself with Your Purpose & Your Connection to Others MADE BY BY PHYLLIS REAGIN Starting a new business is a journey filled with so many demands...customer acqui- sitions, marketing alignment, meeting fi- nancial milestones. New business owners tend to focus on the external aspects of launching a business and forget that some internal processes are paramount. By in- ternal, I do not mean inside your business but 'inside' the business owner herself. Here are three important strategies that a business owner needs to successful launch herself as the business owner. At this point, the "what" of your business is crystallized. What is next and import- ant is to figure out the 'who’. The 'who' is not your customers/clients but who you are. Who are you and how will you stand out among the sea of competitors? Your answer to this question will make you a magnet to potential clients/customers. | 42