MADE Magazine Spring 2019 May 2019 - Page 40

MADEFEATURE MADEXXX tray real stories. In my community alone we have a lot of negative stigma’s most of which are fueled from ignorance but I think telling the story of being a transgender woman is what really matters. We just don’t need representation but we need the accurate representation. We need transgender people to play transgender characters. We need transgender writers and directors for it to be com- pletely authentic. Though I’m grateful for whatever roles we (transgender) people can get because of the representation I think that sometimes we are forced into the cliche roles. What’s important to understand is that I am an actress, first. Of course, I’m transgender and proud but I don’t want to be characterized as a transgender actress. I’m an actress that happens to be transgender. MADE: What is the one thing you wish you could tell your younger self? Amiyah Scott: I wish that I could tell my younger self that it would be okay. I spent a lot of time very angry and confused. If I could go back in time I would just tell myself that it would be okay. I was very discouraged growing up, it took awhile for me to find myself and find my peace (because I had to go through so much to get there), I’m really appreciative. I would also tell my younger self not to worry (because I worried a lot). It’s kind of rough when you don’t know if you’re dream can come true. MADE: Any words of wisdom you can share to budding actors who do not want to be put in a box? Amiyah Scott: Amiyah Scott: They should just be themselves 100 percent, by doing that you will shine from within. I have found that sometimes what we find ourselves doing is comprising to fit into the box that we feel that we should be in. However, if we just present ourselves as we are, true to ourselves then we’ll fit into the right box. | 40