MADE Magazine Spring 2019 May 2019 - Page 39

MADEFEATURE MADEXXX MADE: You’ve been making waves for quite some time now and it seems that authenticity has been a gift that continues to shine bright through the big screen. What do you like most about playing your role as “Cotton” on Fox’s “Star”? Amiyah Scott: What I like most is being able to represent a community of people who rarely have a positive light shown on them. Many people know what the LGBTQ community is going through and all we are currently fighting for. It’s truly sad that we have to go through so much for respect and rights. However, that’s what makes my character so important and that’s what makes it so special for me to play, “Cotton”. It’s a story and a group of people that deserve to be represented. Amiyah Scott: I sleep, I make sure that I get more than enough hours of sleep. It’s funny because I remember when I was younger and how much I hated to take naps and now I long for them. My mom always said, “If you’re rested it shows.” MADE: As a transgender actress, how have you been able to empower others and knock down barriers through your voice on and off screen? Amiyah Scott: I think it’s just being able to por- MADE: You are a true creative! From starting out in the ballroom dance scene to acting and beyond, what’s your secret sauce to doing what you love while also being true to yourself? Amiyah Scott: I would say, God first. You always have to put him first so He would ultimately be my secret sauce. Alongside that, I’d honestly have to say a great support system, I come from a great family (that really matters), in addition to, having great friends and people around me. When you live a positive life, positive things happen so that’s also one of my secrets. I just try to keep everything pleasant and happy which keep me with positive vibes. MADE: TI’m sure you’re always on the go. What do you do for self care? #mademaven 39