MADE Magazine Spring 2019 May 2019 - Page 37

MADELIFE MADEXXX Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb Highlighter $38 Now I know I just went in a rant about highlighting, and how it should be soft. Be that as it may there are some of you who are extra like me and sometimes want a little extra boost in our shine. That’s why I run to this Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb Highlighter. It’s great on of course all skin tones, and gives a dazzling glow that twinkles when the light hits is. You can use it alone or add it on top of your Hourglass Ambient powder when you transition to night from day. For more intensity use it wet by spraying your brush after you’ve picked up the product in on your actual brush. Don’t wet the actual product. This will Christian Dior Lip Glow Sugar Scrub $34 Throw away all you know about sugar scrubs. After you’ve tried this one you’ll want to throw all of the sugar scrubs you have away! This is not only all natural but very hydrating. The sugar is finely milled so you can use it throughout the day as much as you need. The sugars add addi- tional moisture to this already luxurious formula, and gently exfoliates so and lip product that is used applies smoothly. It also has a color changing tech- nology that works with your bodies P.H. and brings out your own natural color as a bonus. Don’t be fooled by cheaper brands trying to replicate it’s magic. The originators are always the best! Christian Dior Pump and Volume Mascara $29.50 Christian Dior Pump and Volume mascara is by far the best for really dramatic lashes that looks like false lashes without the after effects. The unique squeeze tub warms up the mascara and pumps in a specially crafted wand. The pump also let’s you customize how much drama you re- ally want. 1 pump for day, and two pumps for play. If used right this mascara won’t clump. Any time I’m in a shoot or even doing makeup for T.V this is my go too. The only cons is that there is specific way to use it. If used wrong you will get way to much products and your lashes will look clumpy and chunky Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick $18 Who has the time to constantly re-apply their lipstick throughout the day? We want lipstick that last most of the day and doesn’t dry your lips out or crack. Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick's not only last all day but does ’t dry your lips out. I still prefer prepping the lips with a primer and lip glow first just to give your lips more moisture. This vegan formula is also free of parabens and disgusting smells or taste. There are so many finishes and colors it’s hard to choose from. This brand has really done it’s research on a great product. Even so that other brand try to duplicate them, but fail horribly. #mademaven 37