MADE Magazine Spring 2019 May 2019 - Page 36

MADELIFE MADEXXX Christian Dior Dreamskin Serum $150 This product is AMAZING! It’s won several beauty awards for it’s amazing affects on the skin. The Dreamskin Serum is a Serum you put over your moisturizer to prime the skin for makeup. It aslo can be used alone to give a Instagram filter like look. It instantly reduces redness in the skin as well as and inflammation, dark spots over time are reduced, smooth's out texture, dry patches, and uneven skin. After long time use you might actually reduce the amount of makeup you wear. You will be obsessed with your skin and your dermatologist will thank you! Christian Dior Forever Undercover $52 Nars Sheer Glow Foundation $47 So I have to admit it was hard trying to decide which foundation is best. I picked the Forever Undercover by Christian Dior because it’s a full coverage waterproof foundation that looks absolutely natural. If you’re tired uf your makeup rubbing off on people’s shirts or even your own this is perfect! Especially for the spring and summer when we tend to sweat a little bit more. This foundation makes any skin type look healthy and flawless. The Narsa sheer Glow is perfect for those ladies who really don’t like a full coverage foundation. It’s lightweight and give you the right amount of coverage you’ll need. I would like to say spring and summer are the seasons of glowing skin, but who doesn’t want glowing skin year round? This foundation gives the right amount of glow and photographs beautifully. Urban Decay Heat Pallet $54 This pallet is my jam! It gives all the colors you’ll need for a natural or dramatic look. All the colors work on any skin tone and with any outfit you pull out of your suitcase or closet. I love using rust, orangy, and copper colors, because not only are they in trend but will stay in trend. The best part is that it comes in a travel size!! Hour Glass Ambient Powder $64 In this day and age everyone likes a little glow. I mean who doesn’t? With the era of Instagram I see the trend of skin glowing so intensely you end up looking like the tin man, or as if you just ran a marathon across the Sahara Desert. Highlighting is meant to bring light to the face and enhance bone structure. It also helps the skin look healthy if done right. This is why I absolutely love the Hourglass Ambient Glow Powders . They were crafted specifically to bring a a candle light glow to skin and mimic different lighting you might get in nature such as a sunset, or one you would use in a romantic setting such as a rose glow. The fine milled formula gives the option to wear all over, or in just the high parts of your bone structure. As a fellow artist always says. It’s okay to be the light, but not the bulb. Save that for hot summer nights. | 36