MADE Magazine Spring 2019 May 2019 - Page 33

MADEXXX R E V E L AT I O N S O N Life While Traveling Abroad MADE BY KENYATTA SACHA DUNKIN As the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months where I would constantly put off writing about life abroad, I slowly realized that sharing my experiences with the world will not increase the bonds with the people I wrote it for if I don't con- sider first writing it for myself. I have learned, that when traveling abroad, you have several realizations about yourself, life and God that you could not have learned in the comfort of your own home. Which brings us to, life revelations while abroad that will hopefully encourage you to buy your plane ticket for the nourishment of your soul. Check it out: 1. We are more powerful than we believe we are. The moment we start believing in ourselves, we have major influence over our own situations, setbacks and the people around us. This epiphany was revealed through the power of kindness. When my mother visited me during my first 5 month abroad trip, we made it a point to give respect and kindness to everyone we met, including an older man who worked in my Italian apartment building. He could scarcely speak and looked as fragile as a toothpick, but he always wore a smile. We felt obliged to cook him lamb one night (hoping that it would fatten up his shriveling bones) just to show kindness. He was incredibly shocked at our gesture and almost started crying. At that moment I realized that each person on this earth has the power to change someone's outlook on life, and even put a genuine smile on their face. If we make an effort to exercise our positive power everyday, it will drastically change things. 2. Do not waste time with people who do not add value to your life. When I was younger there were kids my age who I felt like I had to be friends with because we grew up together, our parents knew each other, or we shared a class. But the more I traveled abroad, I really REALLY understood the power I had in creating my own space for me to be at peace and flourish in life. It is a waste of life to spend valuable time with people who show jealousy, hate, spite, or just overall negativity. Everyone has a right to feel loved, respected and happy. There are enough people in the world who will show #mademaven 33