MADE Magazine Spring 2019 May 2019 - Page 29

WELLMADE MADEXXX QUIZ ARE YOU DIMMING YOUR LIGHT? Do you find yourself hiding your viewpoints, feelings and opinions from others? Do you believe that before you can reach a certain goal, you have to obtain a certain accomplishment or amount of money? If you said “Yes” to one or more of these questions, you may be dimming your light because you’ve been trained to believe that something is wrong with who you are. It’s time to retrain this way of thinking, turn on your light and brighten up! Here’s how you can jumpstart your brilliance from the inside out. INNER Revisit what you believe about yourself and accept all of you. You are who you are. Write it down a list of characteristics about yourself, imagine yourself as the best version of that list and accept it as is to be true. If there is something you want to do not currently want to be associated with on the list, decide it is no longer a characteristic that you relate to and discard it. Memorize this list and do your best not to waiver. OUTER Reorganize your personal and work spaces. Clutter creates mental and physical chaos that prevents you from making good decisions. Boost your the spaces around you with a humidifier misting essential oils to clear the air for better breathing. Do you find yourself bending for the convenience of others at work and at home? Do you feel like you are always doing for everyone else and don’t make time for yourself? INNER Reset your boundaries and short and long term life and career goals. You must protect your time and space to be free to be you and reach your goals. Establish a schedule incorporating a list of things you prioritize most at the times most convenient for you. Hint: you should be on the top that list. It’s your life and you are the most important person in it. This is not selfish - it is self- care. OUTER Realize one personal goal (not linked to work or money) and tell the world. Create simply to create. Speak out of your truest voice. Do it not for the “likes” but out of the interest and enjoyment of the action. INNER Reflect on your experiences each week and determine ways to improve your processes, behaviors and encounters. Accept each encounter for what it brought to your life and meditate with gratitude about your rich experiences. Journal about the lessons learned and pray for clarity and alignment for the future. #mademaven 29