MADE Magazine Spring 2019 May 2019 - Page 28

WELLMADE Are YOU dimming ? your light MADE BY KRIS CHRISTIAN Y our light is your natural gifts, personal strengths and physical presence - all which is also known as your energy. It’s the energy you bring to every person you meet and every room you enter. It’s who you are at your core and is the fullest expression of your being. It’s your vibe, your aura, your innermost hopes and desires, your values and beliefs. When you are in touch with your light and let it shine, the whole world can see and feel it. Letting your light shine even through cloudy days and dark nights takes consistent effort and memorized, positive thoughts and patterns of behavior. You create your reality when you live your light out loud. What letting your light shine is NOT is dimming it to fit the expectations and qualifiers of other people. Dimming your light is shrinking yourself in conversations and adapting your personality to be more palatable to the world. In turn, your energy is low, your experiences are inauthentic and you can’t live your best life. Letting your light shine is honoring your goodness, believing in yourself and independently treating yourself with the care that you treat the people you love the most. Letting your light shines starts with loving yourself for who and where you are. It’s accepting your imperfections and playing up your strengths. It’s being you at all times. | 28