MADE Magazine Spring 2019 May 2019 - Page 25

37 WELLMADE MADEXXX Healthy Self-Soothing Strategies A sound mental and physical state can be the difference between sinking or swimming, flight or failure. Life’s ups and downs, stress from work and self-inflicted suffer- ing can lead to common disorders such as anxiety, depression if not managed properly. So, discovering and implementing healthy ways to self soothe as a part of your weekly regimen is imperative to becoming a more whole, conscious and happy human being. Here are some simple techniques to help you cope with the cyclicalities of life to manage the stress. 1. Turn off your phone and detach from the internet 7. Reflect on your experiences weekly in a journal. sounds like the ocean. 14 8. Use art as therapy 2 2. Do deep breathing exercises. 3. Engage in positive self talk. 4. Imagine yourself in a location you want to visit. 5. Burn essential oils through a diffuser. 9. Indulge in mindful meditation. 10. Rock in a rocking chair. 11. Hydrate by drinking alkaline water. 12 Stretch fully for total body flexibility. 15. Create a “happy” playlist and take a music break often 16. Dance to calming music. 17. Say ‘No’ to requests that don't contribute to your happiness. 18. Give yourself a back massage. 12. Take a long bubble bath with bath bombs 6. Do yoga. 13. Listen to calming #mademaven 19. Take 20 minutes to daydream about everything and nothing 25