MADE Magazine Spring 2019 May 2019 - Page 23

WELLMADE MADEXXX narrorer and there’s so much on the line. But if you’re not being paid and if you’re just like collaborating with your friends in your community and your tribe, you can make mistakes, you can make flaws and then you can learn from those and you can go, “Oh okay, I want to try this next time.” And there’s not so much at stake. I think that’s really important. It’s really important to learn how to fail. It’s really important to learn how to pick yourself up and try again. And so I am definitely a fan of just working together. At this point, the quality of our phones allows us to be able to create documenta- ries and films within our own hands. And so I really believe in the power of collab- oration and doing stuff just for shits and giggles - that isn’t even necessarily for public consump- tion, but just for you. And, who knows? It could turn into more. There’s always germations of ideas that can later be monetized but I think it’s important to stay stoked and to keep the fire of creativity stoked. Tune in to Ambitions premiering on OWN on June 18th. MADE MAVEN QUIZ WITH ESSENCE GYM OR YOGA I just came from yoga. TEA OR COFFEE Tea NAP OR EIGHT HOURS OF SLEEP. FIRST MEAL OF THE DAY: BREAKFAST OR LUNCH. Eight hours of sleep. I am not a napper. If I’m napping it’s usually because I’m either exhausted or I’m sick but I don’t really nap. If it’s social breakfast but if it’s not social then lunch I usually do like a protein shake with a bunch of supplements in the morning for breakfast. #mademaven 23