MADE Magazine Spring 2019 May 2019 - Page 22

WELLMADE MADEXXX when things look ambiguous. There’s always something that’s being built or learned in the process of “in between,” you know what I mean? So I’m grateful to be old enough and to have gone through enough and to have suffered enough and triumphed enough to know that life is cyclical. Just because it’s a downtime doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that way or just because it’s a time of what would be perceived as famine, there are lessons to be learned within that time period, and there is character to be grown. I also have amazing friends who speak life over me and support me and remind me of what I’ve made it through and remind me to trust myself. And then, I have a work ethic that con- tinues to grow. So if I’m not in the world of my career quote unquote “working” if I’m not being paid to act, then I’m in class and I’m learning. I’m studying and I’m growing in my artistry so that I don’t feel stagnant. And so I don’t. that there are a lot of people who would trade places with me in a heartbeat. MADE Absolutely. So how do you cultivate collaboration? ESSENCE You have to find your community and your community could be a classroom taking a class or rallying around other students. If you’re a film student or whatever and creating content and projects together again to stoke, to learn, to challenge each other, creating a tribe where you are contributing to one another and you’re creating an environ- ment where you’re helping each other rise and grow and learn and there’s a healthy environment that you’re flourishing in, and you're free to make mistakes. Because the thing is, is that once there’s a check involved the margin of error gets way And obviously my art is more collab- orative. Most of the time it has to do it requires at least an acting partner or a scene partner. But, I still have the opportunity to work my craft whether there’s a check involved or not. So I make sure that in those dry seasons where I’m not necessarily employed by a studio, I’m still curating my artistry and I’m still feeding my soul and what it is that makes me happy and I’m blessed because I do something that I love and I recognize that not everyone is in that position. So when I am again employed I conduct myself in gratitude and kindness because I know | 22