MADE Magazine Spring 2019 May 2019 - Page 20

MADEXXX Essence Atkins K E E P I N G H E R C R E AT I V E F I R E S T O K E D She's passionate. She's creative. She's stoked. Model and actress, Essence Atkins shares what fuels her creativity and what has guided her inner wisdom over the years. MADE We’re huge fans of you and have been following your career quite some time. How did your new role as Amara on OWN's new television show Ambitions transpire and how do you decide on your next role? ESSENCE IThe first thing that I have to look at is if I can do the role and the story if I can be of service because ultimately the story should be the star and I should be able to feel as if I can contribute in a way that’s productive and in line and within the same vision as the writer had intended, so I have to be honest with myself. You have to do a lot of self-effacement and figure out if you have something that you connect to to | 20