MADE Magazine Spring 2019 May 2019 - Page 19

MADETOLEAD MADEXXX for more work or greater responsibility. FIND SOMEONE WITH INFLUENCE AND ACCESS TO THE TOP WHO CAN VOUCH FOR YOUR PERFORMANCE – IT COULD SAVE YOUR JOB. They say there’s a dif- ference between mentors and sponsors. Mentors give career guidance, but sponsors speak for you in the room when you’re not around. It’s very important to have a sponsor who can provide information about you to the higher-ups that contradicts what the QB may be conveying to them. This is also a great way, other than writing things down as they occur, to document your less-than ideal experiences with her. If you don’t have a sponsor, find one. Now. When it’s Time to Quit the Queen Bee Sometimes a situation with a QB can become so toxic that a [clean] break is necessary. This may be temporary or permanent, depending on your career goals. A sure sign of when it’s time to move on is if you can no longer do your job effectively under the cir- cumstances. Another may be a lack of authenticity in your work. And most of all, if your boss has erected the confines of your job responsibilities such that growth is impossible, it’s probably no longer the right fit for you. Can you move to a different department? Work on a different project that doesn’t involve her? Find another job? Look. I’m not here to tell you to run away from your problems. Many people work with dif- ficult bosses and it pays off in time. But the difference between them and the QB? Toxicity breeds toxicity. If you’re not careful, it will ei- ther feed off you or grow on you and neither are desirable situations. Working for the QB causes anxiety and stress that can affect you both personally and profession- ally. It could also cause you to act in an unfavorable way by gossiping or, even worse, putting another woman down because you were “treated that way, too”. The last thing the world needs is another QB on the loose glorifying the behavior as some sort of rite of passage. The old adage “treat others as you’d want to be treated” always rings true. #mademaven Lessons Learned from the Queen Bee Despite her shortcomings, there may be positive things you can learn from your relationship with a QB. For starters, most QB’s portray amazing confi- dence and have a singular focus on their goals. QB’s are also assertive and unafraid to speak up, even in what you may think are intimidating situations. They aren’t afraid to ask a question or give an opinion in a room full of people, they habitually sit in the front of the room, and they seek out one-on-one time with the CEO often. Witnessing these traits could help you evaluate your own work ethic and more clearly develop goals for yourself. In this respect, your current not-so-pleas- ant experience could pay off someday. 19