MADE Magazine Spring 2019 May 2019 - Page 18

MADEXXX cry, for that matter. Ever. The QB wants you to be dependable, reliable, and deliver excellence always, which is a lot to live up to. But when you think about it, isn’t it what you want for yourself? Getting the QB to trust you is no easy feat, but you’ll know it’s working when she begins to increasingly rely on your opinion and work. If you do it right, be ready for the “consequences” because it’s a high bar and there will be a ton of pressure to maintain the status quo. How to Maintain Your Sanity While Enjoying a Perfectly Amicable Relationship SET BOUNDARIES. In what is likely an all-consum- ing relationship, with emails at the crack of dawn or late-night texts, it is not only possible but necessary to set boundaries. And you can do it in a subtle, yet effective way. For example, if you’re unsure whether that 4am email needs to be answered before you arrive to the office, just ask and perhaps give insight into your own schedule so she has a better understanding of your work style. “I saw your email this morning. I’m usually awake by 6am to [hit the gym/get my kids ready for school/ some other brilliant reason] before work, but if any email is marked “ur- gent” in the subject line, I could address them during my commute to the office, if you’d prefer it.” Similarly, if a late text comes in, even one that may be unrelated to work, it’s probably best to leave it unanswered until the following day. If the sideways glances or outright displeasure from your spouse that you’re entertaining your boss during his/her time isn’t enough, then the dis- appointment from your kids as you look at your phone during story time could be what puts you over the top. Or maybe it’s just the feeling of never being able to turn work off and your attention on to anything else of significance in life for fear of being per- ceived as someone who isn’t “dedicated’ to her job. Turning your phone off or on silent every once in a while makes it less likely that you will be tempted to check that email | 18 or text and allows more time to focus on your home-life. TRIPLE CHECK YOURSELF AND YOUR WORK. Sometimes getting another set of eyes on that email, memo, or press release goes a long way. Minimizing errors before it gets in the hands of your boss is essential to build- ing trust and reinforcing your competency and value on your QB’s team. It’s a plus if you get feedback from someone the QB trusts because if something is questioned you can note that you ran it by “Megan” first. This may soften the QB or catch her off guard (which can be fun), which may cause her to take a second, and hopefully more satisfactory, glance at your work over time. Similarly, even though you may feel the eyes of scrutiny are watching over you at this time, try not to let it rattle you so much that you’re afraid to take on new tasks. On the contrary, after you’ve completed an assignment with little to no negative feedback, use that oppor- tunity to confidently ask