MADE Magazine Spring 2019 May 2019 - Page 12

MADETOLEAD MADEXXX I really think it comes from that inner love that the confidence will exude because I don't care who’s in the room. I’m in the room, you know? I'm blessed to be in a room with the greats of our time and I'm blessed to sit at the table but at the same time I'm not coming to take, I’m coming to give. And I think if many women adopt this place of giving, that they would feel even stronger because I know that there are different actresses that are coming under me that I have poured into that I'm seeing myself duplicated and I can be proud of that. And that gives me another confidence. I'm always you know in a place of creating something that's bigger than myself. And then there's a piece of it that you realize it's not you. My character Rondell Lancaster realizes it’s about her but it's bigger than her. It's about her community. And so when you are speaking out on behalf of a whole community, you better have some confidence! When you have a passion in your heart and you realize if you don't say something no one is going to say something, and it’s riding on you, then you kind of get the confidence from out of nowhere. It just kind of falls on you. MADE How did you prepare for your new role of Rondell Lancaster in Ambitions? What can we expect seeing it for the first time? BRELY When I say (laughs) there was no time to prepare for the role, I mean it! When I tell you I was born to be Rondell Lancaster…I have been blessed with this role literally by walking to my lunch [break] on my first series regular which is called Last Call - it’s on Bounce. When I tell you that night I had to go home and prepare all of my scenes for the episode that we would be shooting that day, I didn’t know how I was going to pull that off. When I read Rondell, I thought, “I know this woman.” Like, “I would so stand up for my neighborhood, I’m that girl.” And so, it just gelled. MADE So, being in the right place at the right time seems to be a consistent theme? BRELY Yea, I guess you could say right place right time, that’s cool. But Lord, if I wasn’t in the mode of not aspiring but pursuing and having an animalistic, go get it attitude… like I’m doing the impossible thing. There would be some people that would say it would be impossible to be on one show and book another one on your lunch break. I keep proving that impossibility - it really means “I’m Possible.” I really speak what I live. Gosh, I’ll say a thing and a thing will happen. MADE What are you doing to keep your mind- set in that space of constant positivity? I think it's my faith in God number one that I know even all the bad works out for my good. So the jour- ney becomes enjoyable no matter what happens. Because obviously there are things up days and down days that will come but I realize what I stand on is that it all works for my good no matter what. But my inner work is language. I'm so drawn to language. It is part of my life's work is to (at least one of them) get people to stop saying “Girl, you killin’ it.” I’m like “Am I killing it or am I giving it life. I took the words on a page and I took the breath in my body to [blows air] … to give it life. I didn’t kill nothing.” And their like, “Whoa!” And so I’m like, imagine if we really checked our language? There’s something to be said about frivolous talk. If we get real on purpose about what comes out of our mouth, imagine what we could create. You’re successful before you even get started if your mindset is right. We’re thermostats and not thermometers. A thermometer tells you the tem- perature of the room right now and it could go up or down. But if you a thermostat, you’re like, “I’m set to success, baby! There is no failure. So even when I lose I’m winning!” Because there was somebody in that room that was supposed to see me or I left someone in that room with a smile in the moment. My team, my agent no longer uses the word “audi- tion” around me. Oh, no no no no no. I don't go on auditions. And there like, “What?” I said see, “I use [proper] language. I take meetings.” And they were | 12