MADE Magazine Spring 2019 May 2019 - Page 11

MADETOLEAD MADEXXX “the Brely Show” which didn't go viral. But I always think “the right 100” saw it, because from that YouTube channel was Paula Patton and Queen Latifah watching it. ing, it was just the God in someone else speaking to the God in me that said, “Hey, you’re an actor.” MADE Wow. So how did you continue to nurture your innate gifts? And, Sanaa Hamri came in the trailer and was like, “Who’s that?” And they were like, “That’s Queen’s little sister.” Queen [Latifah] was like “She’s not my real sister. I just call her little sister.” And she was like, “Oh, I’ll give her a role in the movie. Call her up.” And that’s how I got the role in Just Right. No audition, no nothing -- first movie on a phone call. And it’s just been blessing after blessing after that. MADE So, did you always secretly want to become an actress? What was your original goal? BRELY Never once. I’ve always loved movies and television but I never once said, “Hey this is what I want to do.” I was too busy watching Soul Train on Saturday morning going, How am I going to get on that stage?!” (laughs). I wanted to be a singer, you know? I’ve always been in singing groups from the age of maybe 9? My first singing group was called Studio Two with my cousin Stacy Hogan. We used to sing at every church function, funeral, wedding -- two little 9 year olds singing in these pink taffeta dresses. And then my second girl group was called Pizzazz. I might have been like 12 or 13 in that group and we did Motown Review songs, and I just went from group to group. And then, when I turned 17 I was a group called Emaje and we got a record deal! Believe it or not, walking down the streets of Oak- land, Dres from Black Sheep saw us and they were shooting a music video and they were like, “Hey you pretty ladies, do you want to be in our video?” And we were like, “No, we're on our way to college we’re not interested in your music video, sir.” Didn't even realize it was the video for “Engine, Engine Number 9” - we had no idea! I didn’t even listen to hip hop like that. And we ended up getting signed to record deal, touring with the Backstreet Boys. It's been an amazing ride but never did I seek out act- BRELY : Do you want me to be honest with you? When I got a check from the Twix commer- cial, oh my goodness (laughs). I couldn't believe how much I got paid in one day. I thought, “Other people make this all year so I decided ‘I’m an actor.’” (laughs). But after that I took it really seriously and began to find acting classes and seek out coaches, and got re- ally serious about learning the language of industry and how it works and how to get a SAG card -- all of the things that every actor wants to know which I cannot wait to share in upcoming book that I'm working on now. It’s just going to be my journey from set to set. I think it's important to know what it felt like when I pulled up to the Twix commercial and saw all of the trailers parked on the street and the people employed. I was like, “This is all here for me?” So when I realized how I could affect other people's lives, it became real for me. MADE You’ve always been so confident and to see Ambitions (which we absolutely love) you have the courage to speak up for yourself especially in his new role as Rondell Lancaster. How can you encourage women on how they can tap into their inner confidence? BRELY I think as a woman we have to remem- ber that we give birth to men (laughs) and they need to remember that, too! So you know, it's like “I am woman hear me roar.” You know what I’m saying? I think the confidence just comes from a deep place inside and that's why we've got to take time for self care and self recognition and sometimes there's no one there to pat you on your back or tell you you're pretty or say “You did a great job” but you look in that mirror and know these are the things that should be said to you. #mademaven 11