MADE Magazine #MADEBlueprint - Page 9

4. USE YOUR VOICE With Obama being President the majority of my cognitive life, it was easy to remain stagnant in the overall movement. However, the election of 45 shook us to our core, forcing us to face our fears and make progress in the movement. How- ever, black people are on the forefront, carrying America on their backs, like we saw in the Alabama election. Use this as motivation to contribute your share, and to add urgency because the time is now. With all non-white cis-gendered people we are facing, there is so much work to be done, that silence isn’t an option in 2018. Lastly, please understand that everyone’s role in the movement is not to be the face. Tap into your purpose and strengths to contribute your share. We can no longer afford to be stagnant. 5. BE STRATEGIC Make a plan! Yes, we deserve to be able to live a certain amount of our lives carefree, but make sure you aren’t sleeping on yourself in the process. There’s a way to live carefree without blocking your blessings. Especially since luck is just proper preparation meeting opportunity, meaning that luck isn’t by chance at all. Yet a divine moment that greets you with an oppor- tunity you were prepared to receive. Use the top of the year to map out what your goals are and truly create a plan of action including steps towards accomplishing them. Hold yourself accountable to these goals by picking a day of the week to check in with yourself. Photos Credit: Create Her Stock Headshot: Photo Courtesy of B. Bad | 9