MADE Magazine #MADEBlueprint - Page 8

Many of us are using this time to scour the internet for tips to get our 2018 off to a good start. Unfortunately, they will be useless for most of us, unless we do a little inner work first. Here are five habits to start practicing for a successful and purposeful year. 1. BE INTENTIONAL In this only life of ours, it is so important that we are living it for ourselves. Making our goals free of external factors as we listen to our soul’s desires to understand what that purpose is. Consider your passions and strengths to understand what your mission is. If you could choose only one thing (categorically) to do day after day, what would you choose? When you tap into your inner voice and eliminate external factors while considering your goals is when you will be able to fully understand yourself and thus walk in your purpose. Be sure to cancel out the idea of what you believe society expects for you, as this will almost never be in alignment with your mission. 3. ELIMINATING SELF-SABOTAGE When opportunities knock, we oftentimes eliminate ourselves from the running before the “selector” does. Allowing self-doubt to kick in and override our sense of self confidence and thus blocking us from our blessings. If you don’t feel qualified, but that position speaks to you, just apply! If you’re worried about what people will think of your content, don’t. Start that blog! If you’re not feeling good enough, ask yourself why, because you are enough! new year new who? MADE BY B. BAD 2. TAKE ACCOUNT- ABILITY & RECLAIM CONTROL One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to be accountable. If you are constantly deflecting ownership of your life and decisions, then you aren’t positioning yourself to win. A part of being our best selves lies within our ability to have those hard conversations with ourselves. To understand why we do what we do and to part ways with dangerous behaviors and ideologies that can keep us from moving forward. This can also help us to better align with our purpose by forcing us to walk in alignment with our truth. Reclaim control by owning that truth and living life on your own terms. When we are walking in our purpose, we owe it to ourselves to eliminate fear from our emotions. Additionally though, understanding your purpose gives you the comfort to remain rooted in your decisions. If you aren’t uncomfortable, then you aren’t growing. I’ve always been told that nothing extraordinary comes from comfort zones. | 8