MADE Magazine #MADEBlueprint - Page 7

MADE TO LEAD the new skills you’ve obtained. Giving your resume a make- over helps you realize how far you’ve come in your career. 15. Putting yourself last. Say it with me now: self care. Gone are the days of putting everyone first and leaving yourself with nothing. Take some time in the day to do something simple for you. 16. Unmet expectations. These only lead to further disappointment and resent- ment. Forgive and expect people to not be perfect, including yourself. 17. Hang ups about dating yourself. If you don’t know how to treat yourself with love and respect, how can anyone else? Treat yourself how you deserve to be treated and don’t think about what anyone else is doing. Love yourself and your own company. 18. One food item you know if not good for you. Got an undeniable sweet tooth or late night craving habit? Do what you gotta do to kick at least one of those bad foods to the curb. 19. Small thinking. Small thinking leads to small actions that get small results. Dream bigger and do the work to meet the goals you have faith for. 20. Negative self-talk. Don’t contribute to the self sabotage anymore. Find out what’s causing the negative self-talk (fear, rejection, doubt) and combat it with positivity and faith. 21. One thing that doesn’t serve your purpose. Your purpose and your time are valuable. Not every activity or event requires your energy. Apply that time and energy to what serves your purpose in your 30s journey. 22. The negative things you’ve learned about marriage. Whether you’re married or desire to be, look into what your source of all things marriage came from. Is there anything that needs to be unlearned? 23. Self-entitlement. Our generation gets a bad rep. for this! At this point in life you should understand that no one really owes you anything. It’s good to give from a pure place, not expecting anything in return instead of looking out for your selfish needs. 24. Self doubt about your personal success. Another person’s success does not take away from yours. Define what success means to you and go after it without a doubt. 25. Outdated grooming habits. As we age our bodies, skin and hair require a little more maintenance and moisture. Add something new to your skincare routine to preserve the sexy. 26. That inward desire to be loved by everyone. This is the truth you’ve probably grew up hearing from wise people in your life. In a time when we crave validation from others, don’t let their likes and hearts determine your worth in this world. 27. Emotional immaturity. We have to leave the childish ways behind us. After 30 you can’t just chalk up emotionally immature actions to “being young,” your emotions need to be expressed in healthy, mature ways. It’s part of Adulting 101. 28. Perfectionist ways. Striving for perfection will | 7 prevent you from starting new ventures and developing new relationships. No one is perfect; you owe it to yourself and others to offer a little more grace without compromising your core values. 29. Neglecting quiet time. Whether you pray or meditate, you need to set time aside away from the noise of everyday to gather yourself, refocus and listen to that still, small voice. 30. Any lies that you were told about turning 30. I don’t know about you, but this my best decade yet, even if I don’t know what’s ahead! Get in tune with what you want to see happen in your life and renew your perspective on aging. FOR MORE INSPIRATION, you don’t want to miss the wis- dom and practical advice shared in my book Journey to 30: A Single Woman’s Guide to Living Unapologetically. This guide features 10 conversations that I had with women who’ve lived to see over 30 and have so much to share from purpose and finances to loving yourself and serving the community. No matter what your new year or new decade ɥ̰ѡɹ)QQ%9 I8́)ձѥѕЁɕѽȁ)ѽȁݥѠͥȁɥѥ)%ȁ͡չȁ) 1%MMM̹Ѽ)Ʌͥ́Ѡٔ)́ɥѥɥѕȁ)͕ٕɅѡȁݕͥѕ́Ց) 5ɥ]ѡ-̹)Ḿ܁ѡȁѡ))ɹѼM])éեѼ1٥U)ѥ]ѡЁ̸)́͡Ʌ́ȁѡѥ̰)Qѥݽɭ̰ٕ́)չѥ䁙ȁ ɥЁ) %̸ ЁݥѠ)ȁQݥѕȁ%хɅ)љɕ͕фȁ)Ё)ɹѼ