MADE Magazine #MADEBlueprint - Page 6

things The new year marks the start of new beginnings for many of us, including a new decade: The thirties. To some it may seem “old” or the call to be more responsible; others may see it as “The new 20s.” But as you’ll see in this list, as you embrace a new time of life or whatever you decide to call it, part of the journey in our lives is letting go of the old and unnecessary, starting with… TO LET GO WHEN YOU TURN 30 MADE BY TATIANAH GREEN the future. 1.Your personal timeline. This is not to say go with the flow with everything in life, because you should have a vision or goal in mind. But relax on your personal deadlines because life doesn’t always turn out like we perfectly plan in our heads and vision boards. 2.Your list of regrets from your 20s. Listen, we all have things we wish we could have done better in the past. Don’t let those mistakes just be mistakes; turn them into lessons for this new season in your life. 3.Your excuses. That same energy you are putting into dodging what you shoul ܈][[[B[]][\H]]\›܈[ۙK\]B ]YH[\^ XZHXH[[\YB[[\X\[]YقHYH[\^ \œ\وH[ݚ[ۂ\[Y\[][œ[[[Y][BX\[\ۜY[H[\] K܈[[[][šX]ˈ\[\[[X[] B\XH[YH[][]šX][[H]H[ۋB^K]]\[[Y]X\\[[\܂]\Y [ٙ\[ۘ[[XZ[Y\ˈ܈[\[YH܈Y][[]Y[\[ ۙHYYYH[\^X[XZ[Y\[ N ˈۙH\][ۘ[X\H[]HX\]YBH[XZ]و[\›]XYHوYK\B[\[\XX[\\\ XX[\ ܈]\™][\\ۘ[X[[XHXYK۸&]YX][˜[X[X\[\˜\[[ۚ]܈[\ݙ\[X[]\˂ [\YܝۙK[H]YܝXH[B[YH[H[\ۈܛ Y][][[\[H\\ ܛ[XYHH]\\[ۈو[\[ZH[x&]B[^\\\YKLXY[ˈx&[B[[X]Z\[˜[[HH[ۈHܛۙ[H[ۛB\[H] ZH][]Y\][BۛBYX[™[XYB[KKۙHY]]HX[[x&]B\YY\\[ ]\]8&\H[܂[\Y[[[Y[YX\]و]X\ۙH[œY[ۙH\[Y[K[B\H[ܙH[][[ۙB\YYX[[KL˂X™Y[ B\ˈ]\[ۙH\[\Y[ \[Hܛ\[\\[H[XH[\\HوY[[\[]]8&\^K[[ݙBHXۙ\[H]XXKL \[[\]][H][&]ܛ[H\YX\ˈXZH]\[ۂXܚYXHZ[[Z^H[\\ۘ[]\[]]B[\][Y[[ܘ]B\][YH[[\YKLKYۛܘ[\X][\X[]\ˈH\H[[XH\]H]\[][Y\HX\HBXYK[XY^[KHM [\\[YK]H[\\[YHHXB]\[ۈ[\]H]]