MADE Magazine #MADEBlueprint - Page 43

MADE TO LOVE for children. They haven’t been taught how to handle the cards they’ve been dealt 5) Keep Your Word 6) TEACH 7) Students expect you to give up on them… #ProveThemWrong. One thing is for sure, I am su- per-duper glad the Chicago Public School System decided to adapt the Restorative Justice Practice which ultimately gives us the opportunity to restore disruptive behavior (fighting, walking out of class, profanity, walking off school grounds, class disruption, running in the hallway and defacing school property) and channeling it constructively and positively. As an alternative to detentions, I like to get hands-on with my students and we create urban comic books, vision boards, write papers and read books on black/brown literature. I believe it’s important as Educators that we get deep into their world because essentially that is the only way to understand them. In some cases, where I may have an In-School Sus- pension, I make them read and recite Countee Cullen’s “Hey Black Child” poem and re-create their own version of what it means to be a Black Child in their world. Call it what you want, #ThirstyFirstYearEducator or whatev- er floats your boat, but when I have an exchange with my students they understand that BEING GREAT IS A REQUIREMENT, NOT AN OPTION. We fail our children by only teaching them what’s in the textbook. Life is happening daily around us and is it our job to teach our children to be aware alwa ̸̰݅)Qɕ䁥̰́)Ѽ́Ёӊé)ɕ͔ɕѥѡ)́͡ȁɕq%5̸)5ȸ͕Ёȁ)ѡɽ՝ѡЁ$܁$)ѡɽ՝ѡϊt]ɭ)ѕхЁх՝Ёѡ)ѡӊéѡхɹ)ѡЁٔ)役ȁѡͅѡ)䁍͔ӊéѡɕ)́ѡ́啅ȁ́Ѽ)ɬȁ܁)$ɅԁѼɔمՅє)͔%ѡЁԁ)ɕȁԁٔ䁅́Դ)ѽȸeȁљɴ䁹ЁѡЁ)͍Ёٕͅѥ́፡)ݥѠѡ́፡$)Ѽͥѥٕ䁅Ѽձɔͽݥ)͕Ѡ%׊eɔ٥Ёͽ)Ѽѡѕ́ѡ׊eٔ)ȁ$ѡ́ձɔݡѠ)ȁѡЁȁݗeٔ)ЁͥЁѡq%Ёх́٥t)х丁]ѡȁЁх她ѕȁѡ)͍ѽɥѡЁՑЁݡe)՝٥ѡЁٕͅѥݥѠ)ȁȁ܁ݡéэѼ)ɽݸͼȁٽչѕɥЁ)չ䁍ѕȁȁɍ)ٔɕȁݡЁЁ݅́Ѽ)չݱѡЁ)ѡɔ݅́ѼɥЁȁɽ́́Ѽ)͕ٔ٥䁕ՍѥѠ)Ѽսє é) ѡIˊq5٥Ʌ͕+at܁ӊéѥȁ)ѼɅ͔ѡȁѡȁչѥݔ)ՕȁѡѥݥѠѡɥ)ɽݸ̸%ݔeа)ݡݥ)5ɕMх])饹(